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An Illegal Immigrant Living in Fear of Deportation in the United States

There are thousands of illegal immigrants living in the US today and the highest populated state in the country is California due to density of population, multitude of business services as well as it having a high agriculture economy. Every day it is a game of cat and mouse no matter where you reside of hiding and running from the authorities afraid of getting caught. Of course no country allows people to reside in their country without the proper documentation unless you are born in that country. The US has a history of many immigrants perhaps because it is the land of plentiful opportunity.

The one principle reason as to why people wish to migrate to the US are because of better opportunities and jobs that will help them live better lives. The US is known to have better opportunities for jobs and also for personal development. But of course if you are a lizard in your own home country you cannot be a crocodile in the US. This is a wrong perception that many of the immigrants have all the time which leads to many people living a depressed life in the US. It all boils down to the personality of an individual and how well they are ready to adopt.

It is obvious that if you are an illegal immigrant, you will live all your days in fear of being found. The consequences are dire and the most obvious thing that will happen to you is the fact that you will be deported back to your home country. You also risk being black listed by the US government where you will not be allowed to ever set foot on US soil even legally for the rest of your life. Once an illegal immigrant is caught they are not given a chance to go back to their residence and pack their things and are immediately taken to a deportation facility. The Department of Immigration in the US collaborates with the embassy of the immigrant’s country to ensure that the illegal person is sent back to their home country.

Therefore for an illegal immigrant in the US really need to keep low under the radar. That means no contact with the police or authorities at all. It means they need to learn the culture of the US people very fast and adapt to their ways of livelihood. They need to know the laws that govern the particular state in which they reside as well as the national laws. For example, you need to know all the traffic rules which you should abide by all the time whether driving or as a pedestrian because you don’t want to break the law and get in the system.

The challenge of being an illegal immigrant is the fact that the state does not know you and doesn’t even know you exist. Your home country also does not know that you are in the US currently. This is very risky in case of an accident or any other disaster. Of course someone does not move to the US expecting anything bad to happen but accidents do happen and the state has the responsibility of taking care of its citizens. Deportation is one of the scariest things that can happen to an illegal immigrant. It is also imperative to know that it is not easy to get legal documents once you are already in the US. This is one of the misconceptions that the immigrants have. You need to get the right documents from your home country before you can relocate. Blacklisting is even worse because you will not be allowed to enter the US ever in your lifetime even if you have the proper documentation.

There are many centers around the country and in Orange County, California which offer help in completing the immigration forms to start the legal process. We are not just dedicated to helping people in this California, we will assist people from all over the country who need our help.

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